Polaroids from Zanzibar

Diary Image


I loved Zanzibar. I was warmly welcomed everywhere, and learned an incredible amount about its culture and people. I was there shooting J Crew’s June Style Guide. Here are some pictures we took walking around Stone Town, Zanzibar with my Polaroid camera. Enjoy!

J Crew 3

* The incredible view from our hotel in Tanzania, before heading to Zanzibar *

J Crew 5

* @Jack_OC grabbing a quick shot of the woven Papel oxford *

J Crew 7

* On the beach in Stone Town, Zanzibar – These guys are just coming back from fishing *

J Crew 12

* The Varela sandal hanging out on set *

J Crew 9

* Mr Will Chalker holding his pair of Bula slip ons in our beautiful hotel *